The local dispensaries hosted a music festival

The weed scene around here is crazy.

Long before pot was declared legal, the foothills near our town were infamous for pot farmers.

Allegedly, after the US military started the draft for the Vietnam War, many hippies took their pot seeds and ran up into the hills to hide. For decades they grew exotic strains, and when the law finally caught up to their reality, they turned their illicit pot farms into profitable companies. Since then, our town is somewhat famous for the number of cannabis dispensaries they have. This year for the first time the cannabis dispensaries got together as a group to sponsor a massive music festival. There would be three stages, a total of eighteen bands, spread out across a weekend, all under the banner of celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana. Medical cannabis has been legal for a couple of years now, but finally we went the rest of the way and made it accessible to people without a prescription. There are so many great bands that are staunch supporters of cannabis use, and a few of them will be at this festival. I am most excited about seeing Cypress Hill, who are probably the biggest marijuana supporters I know of, next to Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. In the future I would love to see this cannabis music festival get even bigger, so that they could get someone like Willie to perform. Can you imagine how cool it would be to smoke cannabis with Willie Nelson? Suffice to say, I am super stoked about this music festival!

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