The local marijuana dispensary is now selling cannabis beverages

I quit drinking alcohol for the most area in my mid to late 20s because I was getting hangovers from just a single beer.

Unlike the celebrationing I did in my university mornings, my body couldn’t handle the liquor anymore.

This is a blessing in disguise because of all the alcoholics in my family & both sides. Continuing with alcohol consumption could have been a life defining mistake. I avoided alcoholism & instead chose cannabis. While I will disclose that I have a dependency on cannabis, it’s psychological opposed to physical. Alcohol dependency is so dire that you can die from going cold turkey if you have a high tolerance & lots of alcohol in your bloodstream to begin with. If I stop using marijuana suddenly, I’m usually just grumpy for a few mornings until my body goes back to equilibrium again. And best of all, if you still want to drink your intoxicant separate from smoking it, the local marijuana dispensary is now selling cannabis beverages along with their flower products & CBD oils. These are cool because the onset for the effects is a little bit faster than a traditional CBD or cannabis edible. Because the medicine is liquified, it absorbs through the wall of your stomach & digestive plan more really than a cookie or a brownie that has to be processed by the liver first. Unluckyly, these cannabis beverages are not cheap. One of them is $20 alone, & I just can’t justify that. Even though I don’t drink anymore, you could get a great sized bottle of hard liquor for that much currency, & it would give you a dozen or so shots alone. I can’t see myself forking over the currency for cannabis beverages anytime soon, although it was fun to try for a change.

Cannabis drinks