The local weed dispensary has sales weekly

I had a legal prescription for medical marijuana, but starting at the 1st of last year recreational marijuana was legalized.

I no longer needed to pay any extra fees to the state for a medical marijuana Rx card, but it does help me save on the sales tax and excise taxes each time I make a purchase at the dispensary. Marijuana is still really valuable, even though it is legalized and there are more places to buy the products. I appreciate going to the dispensary when they have sales. The dispensary near me has sales every Monday and Wednesday. I have to take the city bus to get to the dispensary, but it is a lot cheaper than taking an uber. I took an Uber once when I happened to miss the bus and it cost me more than four times as much as it would to take the city bus and even if I offered the bus driver a dollar tip. I had to go on that identifiable afternoon when there was a big sale, because the only time they have sales is Mondays and Wednesdays. On Mondays all of the dried marijuana flowers are 20% off and on Wednesdays all of the marijuana concentrates are discounted 20% off. As long as I can get a great deal on all of the products that I really want and need, then I can save currency for other things that are necessary as well as lights, heat, and rent. I have to get a current vehicle soon too and that means I have to start saving money. The more currency I can save in other places, the more currency I can put in our bank account for the car payment.