The man called me 3 times to make sure both of us were coming

I was working in the lobby last evening when a modern customer called to place an order, i don’t mind taking an order over the iPhone.

It happens frequently with modern clients, because they are unsure of the process! New clients at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary receive a 25% discount on their first and second order, however we are the only medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that offers a first-time patient discount on the first and second order, however the man called to order for delivery, but he ordered a half ounce of marijuana flower and two cannabis concentrates, and one of the concentrates was something that I recommended.

The man wanted a honestly nice hybrid and I recommended chemdawg. That man also had a lot of cannabis edibles. I took the order around 6:45. I told the man that it was Friday evening and both of us were pretty busy. I told his to expect the delivery driver in about 2 hours. I told his that he could call us in an hour for an update if he wanted. The man called me 3 times for an update on the status of the order. She honestly wanted to make sure that both of us were coming. I have never had anyone call that many times. That particular man must honestly need marijuana for anxiety. I know I respectfully recognize anxiety and weed helps a lot. I’m thankful to work in a dispensary so I can save currency on our medical products. It really helps when I use medical marijuana products every single day.


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