The marijuana dispensary employee scheduling system mirrors my former task

When I was working my honestly first task in school, my associate and I had an outdated school clock-in system for employees. You had a time card that you had to input in the equipment whenever you’d start and end your shift. I’ll never forget how infuriated the boss would get when we’d forget to use our time card for a random shift… It happened a lot more often than I hadlike to admit because I was young and could not remember every single time. I would get numerous hours into my shift only to remember that I hadn’t clocked in, and they have to make some kind of adjustment after the fact to the hours to make sure that I was paid correctly. It was always frustrating dealing with these sorts of concerns! The closest thing my associate and I had to a centralized schedule was a clipboard posted on the wall with sheets of paper on it that were printed off from the computer and my boss’s office; He would make schedules at the last minute and put them up for everybody to look at… Now I work at a cannabis dispensary and my associate and I have a software system for scheduling employees on the master schedule each week. This software scheduling system is similar to my previous task which was at a restaurant in my city. It was a fairly current restaurant so they had everything done digitally. These scheduling software systems are surprisingly a lot like regardless of the industry you’re working in, but so it shouldn’t surprise me that the cannabis dispensary has a similar employee scheduling system as the restaurant I used to work at.

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