The most proper use for cannabis is pain control

More than half of the medical marijuana community use the product for pain relief.

Medical marijuana is the favorite pain relieving product in 71% of the states that allow legal and recreational and medical marijuana. I started using medical marijuana as a pain reliever. I was taking Ibuprofen and Tylenol every single afternoon and then my doctor said he wanted to prescribe a pain pill. When I was a kid, I had a problem with prescription drugs. I did not guess it was a wonderful plan to go back to a prescription pain pill. The doctor did not want to write me a prescription for medical marijuana. I had to track down a special doctor in the city. I paid the guy numerous hundreds of dollars, even though he helped me get my medical marijuana card. The doctor agreed that it was a wonderful plan to use medical marijuana for pain relief, especially given my particular and special situation of past drug problems. The doctor offered me a stack of paperwork with information and a website that I could use to learn more information about medical marijuana. He also offered me the name of a community center in the neighborhood that offers a free medical marijuana education class once each week. He told me that the class only lasts an hour, however it is absolutely informative and they hand out coupons for local shops. The cannabis medical doctor was much more friendly and eager to help me obtain medical marijuana. I do not guess my own doctor ever planned on helping me.


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