The muscle spasms were starting to rule my life

I’ve watched my mom and dad suffer from muscle spasms for the past 10 or 20 years.

I knew it was eventually going to be something that affected my life.

I did not realize that the muscle spasms would affect me so suddenly. I started off with problems in my knees and my back. Then the involuntary movements included my hands and my face. The doctor put me on 1,000 mg of medicine every single afternoon and it didn’t help. I was sad that my symptoms were going to be a lot worse than my parents, when I was their age. I spoke with the doctor about the symptoms and he referred me to a specialist. The specialist suggested trying medical marijuana. Medical marijuana was still absolutely new at that time and only legal for some particular case reasons in our state. I was fortunate, because advanced muscle spasms were included. The doctor told me that he could give me a prescription to get a low dose medical marijuana product from a state authorized dispensary, however he would monitor my progress and I would keep a log of the way that I feel when I am using the products. I agreed to beginning the medical marijuana product and I kept a journal to write down everything that I was feeling, however after only a few weeks, I suddenly began to notice that I had less tremors and less muscle spasms when I was under the influence of the low dose medical marijuana products. In numerous weeks, my pain has decreased and my stationary muscle skills have improved.


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