The new employee at the dispensary has really pretty blue eyes

I frequently order from the marijuana delivery service in town.

The marijuana delivery service has great prices on cannabis concentrates and marijuana flower.

I regularly find $15 grams of marijuana concentrate and this particular place has $60 Oz all of the time. The $60 oz of marijuana are outdoor grown in the sun, but they still taste good and are very potent. Last time I placed an order with the shop, I got $10 grams of live resin concentrate. The flavors were nice and the marijuana had a really pungent smell. One strain was a hybrid called strawberry banana. The marijuana strain actually tastes like strawberries and smells like bananas. The other strain was an indica called ice cream cake. I placed my order for delivery and a new driver showed up at my apartment. The guy was totally cute and he had a really nice butt. I didn’t recognize the guy, so I asked him if he was new. He said that he had just started a week ago. The new marijuana dispensary delivery driver has really pretty blue eyes. He also has a great smile. I should have asked the guy for his phone number the first time that he came to my apartment, but I was shy. I have been thinking about calling the delivery service again just so I can try to get the same driver. I don’t know if the guy is single or if he has a girlfriend, but I would like to find out if he has any interest in going out on a date with me.

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