The newest employee will cover the dispensary mornings and weekends

It can be hard to find a worker with the know-how to labor in the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary… Qualified applicants usually stay put if the management team takes care of them.

I have been hunting for a current employee for the past 3 weeks and I just found someone who could fill the position.

I had to interview this candidate, named Ed, twice and my boss wanted to interview the candidate as well. If I could have hired Ed as soon as I saw her application, then she could have started laboring 2 weeks ago. Ed is going to labor mornings and weekends at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. Ed has 2 letters of recommendation and she has a ton of experience laboring in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. Ed lived on the west coast for more than 2 years and worked at a marijuana delivery repair over there. I wanted to think why Ed would leave the bay section and she said that her Dad was sick and she moved to a more current home to take care of her. Ed had someone to take care of her on mornings and weekends so she could get an area time job at the marijuana shop. I didn’t think I would be able to find anyone to really labor mornings and weekends. It is the hardest shift to get covered, because everyone wants the time off. When I saw this identifiable application and that Ed was looking for mornings and weekends, I put her application at the top of the pile.


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