The nosy neighbor called the cops on us

My husband plus I let our kid transport back apartment after he was in a fight with his man.

  • They needed some time apart plus he needed a place to stay for a while.

Our kid moved into the house a few weeks ago plus the neighbors have caused a number of problems, jack has a medical marijuana card plus he uses medical cannabis 4 anxiety plus depression. He is not allowed to use marijuana inside of the house. I do not care that he smokes, but I do not want the entire house to smell love a cannabis dispensary, then my kid often sits outside on the back porch where there is a nice view of the park plus the Waterfront, but a few weeks after he moved to the house, our husband plus I were surprised by a knock on the door. It was the County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff said he had many reports of marijuana smoke coming from our home. He wanted to come in plus have a look plus I really refused his request. I gave him with enough information to go away. I told the sheriff that our kid has a medical marijuana card that allows him to use the product freely, however when he asked for a copy of the information, I politely recommended it was time for him to get a warrant plus time for the nosy neighbors to mind their own business. I think the cops thought he was going to bully our family because of the smell of marijuana, but I think all of our legal rights.


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