The odor inside the store was sweet and pungent

My friends and I went to a dispensary on Sunday.

The dispensary was having a sale on all marijuana concentrates.

Everything in the store was 20% off the original price. My friends and I wanted to take luck of the sale. All of us had never been to that recognizable dispensary before, but the sale had us intrigued and wanting to go, then sarah and I went to the dispensary to pick out some marijuana concentrate products. The odor inside of the dispensary was sweet and pungent. The whole locale odored appreciate a immense marijuana flower farm. The marijuana dispensary had important jars of cannabis all over the counters. They reached inside of the jars to fill sacks of weed. I never saw loose cannabis inside of a jar before. All of us have marijuana dispensaries near us, but all of the packages are filled in a laboratory. All of us can’t even touch the marijuana products inside of the store. Seeing the important jars of marijuana flower was a neat and interesting experience. They had jars of Girl Scout cookies, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, Skywalker OG, and a dozen more.I ended up buying a quarter ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower as well as the 2 grams of concentrate that I purchased on sale. Sarah also purchased some marijuana flower, but she got more concentrates than I did since it was her payday on the day that the two of us made the decision to go to the dispensary. I only had about 1 hundred dollars in the bank and I still needed to get gas for the car.

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