The only man I hide from is my Mom

The only man in my family that does not guess that I use recreational marijuana is my mother.

My mother does not approve of recreational marijuana use.

She still believes that the plant is a drug. My mother was a firm believer in the anti-drug campaign back in the 69s. She religiously followed Barbara Bush and joined the campaign to stop drug use. Both of my siblings guess that I use recreational marijuana. My Mom knows that I use recreational marijuana as well, even though he does not live with my mom. They separated when my siblings and I were young. Their divorce is certainly a single of the reasons why I have all of the mental problems that caused myself and others to use marijuana. I would never say that to my mom, because it would certainly break his heart. That does not mean it isn’ta true statement. I was hanging out with a couple of friends at my home on Monday. I had the day off toil and the two of us were smoking recreational marijuana. The people I was with and I we are resting outside on the patio of my home with a marijuana joint. My mom showed up out of nowhere. She was dropping off some items and planned to put them on the porch. She didn’t see myself and others with a marijuana joint in my hand, however I am sure he knew that my friends and I were smoking pot. After all, the plant has a certainly pungent smell when the dried flower is burned. It’s been a month since my mom came by. She still hasn;t brought up the visit at all.

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