The order was mixed up with another one

There was a commotion at the checkout counter of that marijuana dispensary, so I went to the front desk to see what was going on.

As manager of the marijuana dispensary, it is my job to handle all of the problems that come up. I took control of the situation quickly. A customer came into the store because there was a mix-up with his order. He had just picked up the order from our pick up window in the front of the marijuana dispensary. Unfortunately, the order was not correct and did not appear to belong to that guy. Nothing in the order was correct. The customer ordered 2 grams of cannabis concentrate, two eighths of marijuana flower, and two pre-rolls. Inside of the bag was eight pre-rolls, a half ounce of marijuana, and two bags of cannabis edibles. It seemed like a pretty big mix-up, so I told the customer that we would happily make everything right. That seemed to make the customer more calm and happy. I wanted to diffuse the situation, but I certainly wanted to make sure that the customer left the dispensary feeling happy and taken care of. Clearly the order problem was on our side so it was up to us to make things right. I stuffed the bag with a couple of demo items that we had in the back. I gave the guy two extra grams of cannabis concentrate and a couple of house pre rolls. The items were probably worth seventy dollars. I think it helped make the customer more forgiving.

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