The parking lot was empty Sunday day

Most of the time when I go to the marijuana dispensary, the parking lot is filled with cars.

On Sunday day, everything in the store is 30% off.

They don’t have a fantastic deal of products because of the weekend and that is why everything is on sale. I still stop by the dispensary on my way to work so I can check out the sales. There are usually a bunch of cars in the parking lot, so I was surprised to see the parking lot almost empty when I went to the dispensary on Sunday day. I walked up to the front door and the open sign was flashing. I opened the door and the security guard said fantastic day. I made a comment about the fact that the store wasn’t particularly busy and she agreed that it was a relatively quiet day so far. I was only inside of the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary for a short time. When I came back out of the building, the parking lot had 20 or 30 cars and there was a line of people at the front door. I must have gotten there just in time. It would have taken myself and others 20 or 30 minutes to handle my supplier if I had arrived just 5 minutes later that day. I was in and out faster than ever before, and on my way to work in less than twenty minutes. The front door to the office wasn’t even open when I got there. I had to wait for the manager to arrive.

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