The pot pills made me want to eat again

After going into remission, I thought I was done with cancer, and I lived my life to the fullest and I took lots of chances.

I thought I got a second chance at life.

I did not expect that cancer to come back, but it did, last year, I went to the doctor and she found a lump! We had to begin aggressive chemotherapy, and the chemotherapy was not a fun experience. It made me feel very tired, nauseous, and ready to quit. The greatest problem was losing weight. I could not keep down and eat food and I was throwing up everything that tasted good. The doctor asked if I tried medical marijuana before. I had the chance to try medical marijuana when I was sick the first time, however I did not choose to use that system of care. This last time I was ready to try just about anything to make the pain better and help me fill my stomach with food. The doctor prescribed a pill with marijuana inside of it. I took the pill at dinner time before I started eating. The pot pill made me feel a little woozy, but I did not mind. The pot pill also made me seriously hungry. I felt like I could eat anything. I was hungry for all kinds of different foods. I could not even smell the smell of fish when I was sick, but the medical marijuana made me crave a piece of salmon. I gained 7 lbs during the first month that I used the medical marijuana treatment. After that, the doctor continued the prescription until the rest of the treatments were completed.


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