The pot store helped me find peace

If I had to hear about how I needed to relax just one more time, I might have lost my mind.

For sure, it was actually clear that I needed to chill.

But I just didn’t really know how to get that done. Finally, this was made simple for me once I was introduced to the local cannabis place. Relaxing and letting go is not particularly a default opening for me. Being intense, focused and driven is what my normal patterns happen to be. Even from childhood, I was the one who organized and set goals. I am genuinely much the same way today. However, it is true there are times when I take on too much or I take myself very seriously. The voices of reason who were suggesting I cool out a bit are most definitely spot-on. Still, I just particularly didn’t understand what I needed to do to start with relaxing. Sitting still is not a simple thing for me so I particularly didn’t really know for certain which way to go. Happily, one of the people that was hollering the loudest for me to cool out was most definitely the most helpful. She took me shopping at the cannabis store for the first time. My good buddy told me that while meditation and being quiet may be a challenging thing for me, sativa strains might help that. My good buddy could not have been more right to be honest. I got a sampler of some different cannabis products from the local cannabis spot that day. And, I’ve never looked back to be entirely honest. I’m just so thankful to have been introduced to sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. This put me on the path to slowing down and finding a little bit of peace inside my soul.


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