The price on marijuana went down this year

3 years ago when this state legalized medical marijuana, the price for a gram of shatter was $65.

The price continued to be in the same range for 2 years and then edibles were legalized for manufacturing.

Edibles opened up a whole new market for many people. The price on shatter, concentrate, and crumble dropped to 60. A lot of customers were happy with the savings. Sales at the marijuana dispensary went up even if the prices on all of the marijuana products went down. We still don’t have the same prices as some of the states on the west coast. There are places on the west coast where you can buy the same gram of shatter or crumble for $15. It doesn’t seem right or fair to charge our customer $60 for the same product that someone else is only paying $15 for. I guess that is the market and honestly the reason why I have a job. As long as we can make a profit, I’ll have a place to go everyday and a job. The price on marijuana went down again this year. I’m happy to see the prices going down because it is really good for business at the dispensar. The medical and recreational marijuana community is responsible for billions of dollars of tax revenue each and every year. The taxes from that revenue build some of the best bridges, schools, highways, and infrastructure. When you feel bad about paying the 30% or more taxes on every dollar of marijuana sales, remember that money is going back into the city where you live.

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