The recreational dispensary was like a candy store

When my home state legalized medical marijuana, I decided to get a card so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught with marijuana.

  • I looked forward to being able to buy supplies from the medical marijuana dispensary, but the selection was scarce and the supply was never enough for the demand.

There were often times when the dispensary was completely out of dried marijuana flower. How does that even happen with a medical marijuana facility? Still, it was necessary to have a medical marijuana card for legal purposes. When my wife and I visited a state with legal recreational cannabis, we decided to go to a dispensary so we could check it out. The recreational marijuana dispensary was very different then they experienced we were having at home in the medical dispensary. The recreational dispensary looks like a candy store. They had many different types of items all over the room. They add different types of edible marijuana treats like candy, chocolate, chips, popcorn, and cookies. The place we visited had more than 60 different types of dried marijuana flower. My wife and I were overwhelmed by the selection and it was hard to make our choices. It would have been nice to take some of the items home with us, but we flew on an airplane and it is illegal to take the products out of the state unless you are traveling to another legal recreational state. We learned that information when we mentioned taking some of the edible treats home. The budtender quickly educated us and warned us not to try that.