The restless legs symptoms were keeping both of us awake

The indica strains are better for night time than a sativa.

My bestie and I recently decided to transport into an apartment together. I was living with some roommates previously and my bestie was living alone… We decided to transport into a different apartment together, so every one of us had a location that was our own. My bestie and I have never spent the whole night together. When every one of us are done hanging out, I have consistently gone back to my location. I spent the night a couple of times, however every one of us were usually pretty drunk. Now that every one of us are sleeping together in the same bed every single night, my bestie has truly observed all of the complications with my restless leg symptoms, and restless legs is an affliction that affects millions of people. Restless leg symptoms can include itching, aching, throbbing, and electrical impulses. Occasionally the symptoms are worse than others, however I frequently suffer at night. After a long day of resting in the office and toiling, I like to treat the restless leg symptoms with medical and recreational marijuana products. I have been using recreational marijuana products for a couple of years. At night I smoke a recreational marijuana joint that has Indica strain flower. The indica strains are better for night time than a sativa. The indica strains make me believe lethargic and tired. It also helps with the restless leg symptoms. When the restless leg symptoms keep both of us awake, my bestie and I usually sleep in separate rooms. When the recreational marijuana products do not stop the pain and movement, my bestie sleeps on the couch and I sleep in the bed.
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