The roads were treacherous after the storm

There was a big storm on Thursday day & it was raining & pouring for half the day, and the ground was particularly dry & most of the rain washed into the roads.

Traffic was backed up on the interstate, because people were driving slowly… I passed numerous strange accidents on our way to work.

I knew it was going to be a busy night at the marijuana dispensary! Working as a delivery driver is a taxing job, especially on a night prefer this when it is raining & storming; As soon as I arrived at the marijuana dispensary, I had numerous orders waiting to go! One order went to the north side of neighborhood & the rest of the orders went to the west side of town. I hopped on the interstate, & it took myself and others about twice as long to reach our endpoint then it would normally take. I dropped off the first order to the address on the North side & then I started driving to the next address, but rain started pouring down when I was halfway to the endpoint, however by the time that I arrived at the loft building, it was pouring down rain again. I only had an hour of dry weather during the entire night that I was delivering orders. Thankfully the tips were pretty good, and people seem to tip a lot better when the weather outside is cold, wet, or rainy. I earned more than $100 in tips on the first numerous orders & the rest of the night was pretty wonderful too.

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