The sale made everything a little bit cheaper

My best friend and I went to a weekend retreat.

We took my car and on the way back I wanted to stop at a recreational marijuana dispensary close to the beach.

I knew that the prices at the marijuana dispensary were going to be cheaper than the prices on marijuana close to home. I had already looked at the menu online and I knew exactly where I wanted to stop. My best friend didn’t seem to mind the extra detour that took 45 minutes. When we arrived at the dispensary, I was overwhelmed by the selection and products. They only had half of the items in the store listed online. There must have been at least 50 different types of edibles. The marijuana dispensary near me only has six. I bought as much marijuana as I could. I made sure that I filled my daily allowance for flower, concentrates, and edibles. The marijuana dispensary budtender on the counter got a nice big tip from me, because he helped me pick out all of the items and he told me about all of the different specials. I got two demo products that were by one and get one for free. I also saved 20% on a top shelf flower product that made the price the same as the second tier items that aren’t as good. I bought a blue dream infused marijuana joint to smoke when we got back out to the car. My friend and I choked on the marijuana joint for 5 or 10 minutes before we got started on our journey again.



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