The sale on concentrates got myself and others to order several days in a row

I got an text from the cannabis dispensary and it was an advertisement letting myself and others guess that they were going to have a sale on Sunday, but all of the cannabis concentrate products were going to be BOGO and get 1 for 50% off, but the sale was an excellent price on all of the concentrates and it was rare that the cannabis dispensary would include all of the products. They also had some cheap fourths available all weekend, however i went online at the end of the morning and I looked at the prices from the sale. The prices were incredibly low. After the sale, all of our concentrate products were going to be about $15 each and that was for live resin concentrates. The sale prices were so great that I decided to order several days in a row. I ordered from the dispensary on Sunday and on Sunday when our friends and I were hanging out, I ordered again. I bought a total of 12 grams of concentrate and an ounce of flower and I saved $75 on the order each morning. The delivery driver was the same man on both mornings. The guy made a comment about myself and others smoking a lot of weed, despite the fact that I just told the guy that I was trying to take fortune of a fantastic sale, then he absolutely understood what I was talking about. The delivery driver told myself and others that he had been legitimately tied up ever since the sale started and he was easily going to stay that way until Sunday when the sale was over.


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