The security guard checked the ID twice

I hired a new security guard to work at the dispensary.

The guy was in the military for a couple of years and then he worked as a police officer.

The guy had a great resume and I saw a lot of applicants on the day that I decided to hire this particular guy. The first time that Jack had to work the security desk alone was on Friday. We didn’t have any problems during the early part of the shift. There was a commotion at the front door where Jack was working and I overheard someone getting louder and louder. I walked to the front of the building where the security guard is located. One of the marijuana dispensary customers was complaining because the security guard did not believe that his ID was real. I asked the security guard to give me the ID. We both looked at the license under the light and scanned it through the system. It looked absolutely real to me. If I had been anywhere else checking identification cards, I would have easily thought that the security guard was mistaken. At the dispensary though, we have complex security systems. The second time that the ID was run, a flag came up in the system because the same driver’s license was registered to a person in a different state. The security guard was right on the money when he would not let the customer come into the marijuana dispensary. We have strict rules and regulations at the marijuana dispensary for a reason and keeping our license depends on following those rules.


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