The shipment was delayed at the supplier

Three afternoons before the grand opening of this medical pot store & the shipment for the items are delayed, however i got the call this morning & I have been overwhelmed since then. I cannot suppose about anything except the delay. It couldn’t have happened at the worst time. All of us have all of our in-house branded products ready, however that will not fill the shelves. All of us have about many thoUSnd dollars worth of cannabis items ordered from local shops & suppliers; Everything is coming on a giant truck that is delayed. I am going silly trying to figure out what to do & my boss keeps saying don’t worry about it. If the two of us don’t have any medical pot supplies, there will not be much to celebrate on grand opening day. All of us have a lot of events busy for that day. I called many odd vendors & they are sending food trucks to the location. All of us hired a DJ to play tunes on the patio all morning. All of us also have a free giveaway every fourth. As long as you have your medical cannabis card, you can qualify for any or all of the freebies, but the sale & grand opening has been featured for a week, so there is no way to cancel or postpone the event. I really hope my boss is right when she says not to worry. If Wednesday arrives & the two of us have no stock, I will not be the 1 trying to figure out how to service it. Of course, I will still be the person to deal with all of the angry buyers & patients.

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