The shop near me only offers cash delivery services

There are a couple of different types of marijuana dispensaries in the area where I live.

  • There are some marijuana dispensaries that have an actual business storefront where you can walk inside and talk to someone about your purchase.

You can physically interact with the staff while thinking about your marijuana purchase. There are also marijuana dispensaries that only offer delivery services. The marijuana shop near me only offers cash delivery services. The marijuana shop near me has an extensive list of every single one of their items listed online. Each one of the marijuana items are carefully placed in categories that make it easy to navigate the website. The prices on the marijuana items are extremely cheap, and I believe that is one of the reasons why they only offer cash delivery services. If they don’t have a business, the overhead is low and therefore the charges for marijuana products can be less. I regularly order from the marijuana dispensary near me, even though they don’t have a storefront. If I order a day ahead of time, I qualify for an additional 10% off my order and it doesn’t matter if there are other discounts in my shopping cart. I can stack the discount with any other savings or specials. I still get an additional 10% off because I ordered for that next day delivery service. I have to pay with cash, but I always make sure that I am prepared with enough money to pay for my marijuana items and a nice tip for the driver.


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