The software program must have been down

My guy and also myself ordered marijuana products from an online dispensary.

We went directly to the dispensary to look at the unusual sales and also specials.

I was happy to see that the dispensary had buy one as well as also get one for half price sales. The place had buy two and also get one for free as well. My guy as well as myself looked at all of the different products as well as decided exactly what we were going to buy. Each of us added a bunch of items to the shopping cart and it told about to be at least $400. Each of us went through that list item by item and then got rid of a couple of items until it was a much more reasonable amount of money. The dispensary program didn’t have my name, address, cellular telephone number and even a picture of my front as well as back of my driver’s license. I had to physically hold my driver’s license as well so they would know that I was with it. I hit the order button to complete the order but nothing happened. I tried this multiple times before I finally gave up as well as realized that the marijuana dispensary website was not working properly. The software program must have been down during that time because of the dispensary was totally not aware. Even when I called to report the problem, the lady on the phone sounded a little bit like she was surprised to hear about the marijuana shop.


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