The state government sites a lot of restrictions on medical marijuana dispensations

I don’t care about how overbearing our state government can be with many of the laws in this state.

They’re heralded for splitting back supplier regulations, but it comes at the cost of regulating individual people’s lives.

It’s pretty bad when your state politicians villainize LGBT folks as if they’re monsters out to ruin the lives of children everywhere. But every election cycle they’re rewarded with higher electoral gains & an ever dwindling option of any real political diversity at capitol hill. When that happens, why wouldn’t they double down on positions near & dear to their hearts? They don’t like cannabis despite the fact that over 79% of our electorate voted to pass a medical cannabis law back in 2016. A 79% majority is a super majority, but the state government still puts unnecessary rules & restrictions on the program that affect patients the worst. Recently they put large caps on the amount of milligrams of THC oil that medical marijuana physicians are able to recommend or prescribe to their patients. Cannabis users who were used to consume immense amounts of THC oil swiftly had to knock back their use by upwards to 50% or higher. Some went back to the black market for additional cannabis concentrates because they could no longer buy enough of their necessary items using their medical marijuana card. I don’t like it when the state government imposes modern rules & regulations regarding medical cannabis, especially when they don’t really improve anything that’s really wrong with the plan in the first site. The next thing you know, they’re going to start putting caps on the total amount of THC that can be in each product.


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