The tiny bong was free, however it works well

Last Tuesday, the medical marijuana dispensary was giving away a free gift bin with every $50 purchase.

It’s been multiple years since the medical marijuana dispensary opened and they decided to have the free giveaway to celebrate! A lot of items in the dispensary were on sale as well.

All of the edible marijuana products were 20% off. All of the top shelf dried cannabis flower products were also 20% off, and the cannabis concentrate diamonds, live resin, and rosin jam were also 20% off… My friends and I bought many odd items. I got a many pack of pre-rolled marijuana joints, each one of the joints is a half gram. It’s much easier to smoke a joint than to pack a bowl. I also bought an sixth of dried flower to smoke at home. The total for our order qualified myself and others for the free giveaway! When I got to the car, I looked in the bin and found a small water bong. The tiny water bong is orange with red stripes and only fits a small amount of weed. It still works incredibly well. I appreciate the water bong for smoking dried flower and I frequently use it now that I have one for free, occasionally I guess the bong with odd flavored juices or sodas. It makes the flavor of the marijuana strains stronger. My favorite is pink lemonade. When I fill the bong with pink lemonade, the limonene terpenes in the marijuana strains are actually increased in flavor. The small bong was a wonderful gift to acquire for free from the dispensary.

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