The up-to-date rules say both of us have to check ID twice

Last Sunday the police spent half of the day at the marijuana dispensary.

They sat in the back of the store and our usual security guard was replaced by a law enforcement officer. There were rumors of numerous reported stolen IDs and fake IDs and it was here in the area where they were reported. I had to labor the shift when the police officers were present and it was a entirely unnerving experience. I felt entirely unsettled with police officers kneeling in the back of the marijuana dispensary just waiting for something to happen. The police officials had people staked out at all of the local marijuana dispensaries as well as the liquor stores. The sting must have been much larger than they were letting on. I truthfully thought it was a lot for a fake ID scam, however the law enforcement officers were taking it entirely seriously. After law enforcement caught 2 people with fake IDs, our rules and regulations changed. Monday day both of us had a sizable meeting with the boss and the owner of the dispensary, from now on both of us have to check all IDs twice. We have to run the identification card through our usual process and after that I have a special camera and scanner that looks at the license for any flaws or problems that would be an anomaly. Then both of us take a picture of the identification card. We used to only take pictures once when clients come in, however now both of us are required to take a picture of every ID, every single time a buyer walks through the doors.

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