The watermelon tasted like sweet sugar

I was 45 years seasoned when I tasted marijuana for the first time.

The medical professional recommended using medical marijuana after a back surgery. I was allergic to most of the pain meds, but I needed the surgery. After the medical professional put me back together, he offered me a prescription for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana helps with a lot of the pain and it also helps to ease the anxiety that some people feel after surgery. Marijuana is abundant in this state, because it is legal recreationally and medically. There is no difference between a dispensary that carries recreational and medical products, but some of them only carry medical marijuana and maintenance medical marijuana patients, however down the street from my lake house there is a recreational marijuana dispensary. I went to that venue first, because it is close in proximity to my apartment. The friendly and proficiencyable budtender recommended a couple of peculiar products. One was a candy coin That was supposed to taste like root beer. I was impressed by the flavor, but I did not like the high as much as smoking a joint. I smoked a joint by myself and I did not even get through half of it. I was ready to eat every snack in the apartment after smoking the medical marijuana joint. There was some watermelon in their fridge and I ate a big bowl. The watermelon tasted like sweet sugar and cotton candy… Clearly cannabis has some effect on our taste buds and our mental faculties. I’ve had watermelon 100 times in my life, but it never tasted as nice as that morning.