The website was down most of the day

That’s when I found out that the website was not laboring for anyone.

It’s hard to order products from the marijuana dispensary, when the website doesn’t work. This was a huge concern during the quarantine, when the two of us were not allowed to go into the dispensary. All of the marijuana dispensary orders had to be localed online using the website, but for some reason, I consistently had a hard time getting the website to load. I often missed out on sales as well as specials during that time, because I was unable to use the website. One day in particular, I was completely as well as totally frustrated with the system. I have tried to order medical marijuana supplies all day. Every time I localed an item in the shopping cart, the web page refreshed. I thought it was a glitch, so I refreshed the page as well as even got rid of our cookies as well as cache page. Neither 1 of those things seem to help. I was unable to use the website at all during the day to locale an order. The complications continued throughout the rest of the day. When our partner came condo from work later that day, the two of us decided to drive to the dispensary. There was a huge line of people outside. That’s when I found out that the website was not laboring for anyone. It wasn’t just me having trouble. After I realized that, I did not feel quite as exhausting for having to drive to the dispensary. I hate to feel singled out, but all the people having trouble made me feel less upset. The dispensary had 2 outdoor kiosks to help with the order process as well as things went more quickly than I expected.


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