The winner of the cannabis dispensary prize pack wasn't me

All while in the week of April, our friend Ed and I went down to the marijuana dispensary because there were sales and specials.

  • The marijuana dispensary was celebrating the big 420 holiday with a different sale every single afternoon of the week.

There was a calendar online with all of the events listed for every afternoon. There were many different products on sale each afternoon of the week and there were a lot more demos over the holiday weekend. During the week of April, each woman to purchase at least 50 bucks worth of marijuana or dispensary merchandise would be entered into a drawing to win a huge prize pack that was worth more than $1,000. The prize pack was on display near the front of the lobby so almost everyone could see what was going to be inside. There were also cannabis products that were not going to be listed and those were the products that almost everyone was talking about. Ed and I went to the marijuana dispensary a couple of times while the sale was happening. The store had a lot of great deals on concentrates such as live resin and cured resin. I had numerous entries into the prize pack, but our name wasn’t drawn. Ed didn’t get a call either! Nobody that I think seems to think the woman that won. It’s been over a week since that drawing and I haven’t heard anyone talk about the winter. I’m starting to wonder if the marijuana dispensary drew a name at all when the week was over. Ed says I’m paranoid and completely nuts, but it could be true.

Blue dream