There are places to buy weed everywhere I go

One really nice thing about living in an RV, is being able to move when the weather is less than ideal.

When the temperatures are hot, I pack up the house and move to a location where the temperatures are cooler.

During the winter months, I never surround myself with snow or icy conditions. I can live anywhere, and I choose not to live in the snow. It’s nice to know that there are going to be places to buy weed no matter where I go. I have been using medical marijuana products for the past nine years. The doctor prescribed medical marijuana to me after I had an accident. The pain was severe and nothing seemed to help at all. I was losing my mind and the doctor finally agreed to send me to a specialist to find out if I would qualify for medical marijuana or not. After I started taking medical marijuana, my whole life changed. I still had some pain, but I found it much easier to manage with medical marijuana products. Everywhere I go now, there are places to buy weed. Since I am in my RV, I can move to places that have legal recreational and medical marijuana laws. It’s a lot cheaper to buy recreational marijuana, so I try to stay in places where both are legal. Right now I can get an ounce of flower for 50 bucks. That is a really good deal compared to that $200 that I was spending nine years ago for the exact same product. I’ll never go back home.
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