There are rules here

I live in a state with recreational and medical cannabis… Anyone who comes to visit me always wants to stop at a cannabis store.

It is kind of silly! My sibling lives down south plus he always has to take people to the beach.

I am going to a legal weed shop. For me cannabis is a drug. It is like going to the pharmacy for me. I use cannabis products for muscle soreness after workouts, as a sleep aid and occasionally to help me relax after a long day of work. It isn’t entirely a fun party drug for me at all! Everybody wants to know what a cannabis dispensary looks like. They also don’t do any looking online before the trip either, however cannabis is a tightly regulated drug. For instance, you can’t just walk into a cannabis dispensary plus buy as much as you want. It isn’t a grocery store, there are rules on how much cannabis you can buy, and your license gets scanned too. You can’t just go to a modern weed shop plus buy more cannabis there. Your purchases will follow you. A lot of people forget that their flower, oil plus edibles aren’t allowed on planes at all. You need to finish what you bought before you go. The funniest 1 was a buddy of mine was super bummed that there were no free samples. I told him it wasn’t a chinese buffet at the mall. There are no free samples. You actually can’t consume any cannabis in the store unless there is a dedicated vape lounge or dab bar. I am technically supposed to put my weed products in my trunk after I purchase them.

Local cannabis cafe