There are strict rules regarding public consumption of medical marijuana in my state

For obvious reasons, there are laws in my state against public drunkenness. A friend of mine got picked up by the police one night while he was walking home from a bar. He was swaying so much and could barely keep himself standing that a cop drove up and decided to drive him home. To the cop’s credit, he could have arrested my friend but he gave him a stern warning instead. He told him about the laws regarding public intoxication so he wouldn’t make the mistake again. That friend hasn’t made the same mistake twice and always makes sure to get a taxi or an Uber ride whenever he’s noticeably drunk leaving a bar or restaurant. It’s not worth getting picked up by the police like he did before. But despite the relative transparency regarding these laws when they apply to liquor, people seem to think there’s an exception to the rule if you’re on other drugs like prescription medications or legal cannabis. It doesn’t matter what substance you have in your system, the same rules apply. And that’s also true when it comes to public use. Just like you can’t have an open container of liquor in most public places, you can’t consume legal marijuana out in the open as well. It’s not worth getting in trouble like losing your medical marijuana card if you’re in a state that still lacks a recreational cannabis program. I would rather wait until I get home so I’m not risking the possibility of a fine or arrest in the worst cast. It’s best to follow one’s states’ marijuana rules and regulations.

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