There are too numerous muddled hybrid strains in the cannabis industry these days

I am starting to get picky with the cannabis I use & consume.

I thought having a hundred bizarre possibilities would be a fantastic thing, but it’s not when so numerous strains are bizarre hybrids that I have to research on our cellphone while I’m resting at the counter at the marijuana dispensary. Where are all of the classic landrace sativas & indicas? My parents have told me stories about getting strains love Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Thai Stick, Afghan Kush, & Hawaiian. These landrace strains have been used to make a variety of bizarre hybrids that are well known to this day. Two examples are Blueberry & OG Kush, as they are both potent hybrid strains created out of crosses between many landrace phenotypes. The early hybrids have also been crossed with a single another to such a degree that all of us have an exceedingly diverse array of cannabis genetics in 2021. You’d suppose it was satire to see a cannabis strain in 2021 called “Kitchen Sink,” but it’s genuinely real. I can imagine that the grower who developed it threw whatever she had available in phenotypes at the mixture that became Kitchen Sink. Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t dismiss it outright; but other strains love Purple Punch & Member Berry were less impressive. I’d rather have a Blueberry cannabis strain love Blue Dream or Skunk Berry. I usually have better effects from focused cannabis genetics opposed to these second-generation hybrids that lack some of the benefits of their landrace ancestors. At the end of the day, I just want quality cannabis regardless of its certain origins. I just happen to like landrace cannabis over new hybrids.

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