There hasn’t been any delivery since last week

The last time the two of us had marijuana delivered right to our door was during the last week.

The two of us had a delivery a couple of mornings after Christmas was over.

After that the rain started as well as the rain has not stopped at all. I had a couple of days when I gave the driver a crucial tip or met him outside of the road, but the major of that dispensary told the two of us that there would be no more delivery services until the rain as well as weather was completely over. I cannot remember a time when this section had so much of the rain. My associates as well as myself had a drought as well as many of the creeks as well as rivers are completely as well as totally flooded. One big issue is definitely the concert rain because it does not have time to soak to the ground. There are large puddles of water located by my home. There are puddles everywhere as well as people are regularly getting stuck. The two of us are not very surprised that the delivery service nearby is not willing to come this way. Many mornings ago, we chopped away from the raid for hours as well as used the time quite wisely. I also got my laundry completed around the same time. The two of us had to take things that were wet as well as buddy directly to the laundromat as well as we then went to a dispensary nearby to pick up some marijuana products. We got some marijuana items that were on sale.

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