There is a new cannabis dispensary on our block.

Three years ago, the state legalized marijuana in our state.

Within three months, there were marijuana dispensaries popping up.

In our local area, they had one, and it didn’t take long for my friends and I to find out where it was. Once we found it, we soon became regulars and their number one customers. When my bestie told me about the new cannabis that was going to be on our block, I freaked out. He left out “dispensary” as in cannabis dispensary, and I thought he said cannibal. I was getting ready to gather up all the people I loved and kiss them goodbye. I knew the cannibals would probably choose me for his meal because all my aunts and my gran tell me I am so sweet they could just gobble me up. Then we both laughed so hard we were crying, just thinking about the stupid thoughts that were going through our heads. When we finally quit laughing, he punched me and said I was an idiot. He didn’t know anyone else who would turn cannabis around and think he said cannibals. This brought out another fit of laughter, but we sobered quickly when we realized we were about to have a cannabis dispensary in our backyard. Instead of putting in huge marijuana orders every couple of weeks, we were now going to be able to go every day if it was in our budget. I have to admit that there are a lot of reasons ‌I enjoy having a cannabis dispensary in my backyard. Even before they opened, they interviewed me, hired me, and trained me to be a budtender.


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