There is a new marijuana dispensary on our block.

Two years ago, the state legalized marijuana. It took a little time, but dispensaries began to pop up around the state after about 6 months. A few months after that, there were plans to build a dispensary just around the block from my apartment building. My husband and I looked into it and found out where it would be located and when it would open up. We immediately became frequent customers at the new dispensary. My husband can be so silly sometimes. It seems like he is always mishearing me when I tell him things. When I first mentioned the cannabis dispensary, he only caught the word “cannabis.” He didn’t even process that word correctly. Instead, he thought I was warning him about cannibals coming. He told me he was too young to die. When we put the pieces together, he and I laughed until we cried. How ridiculous! Once our conversation got back on track, my husband and I agreed that the cannabis dispensary would be great for our neighborhood. Additionally, we realized that there were so many benefits. For instance, this would make it so easy to go buy cannabis when we wanted it. We even looked into how it fits into our budget. I have to admit that there are a lot of reasons why ‌ I love having a cannabis dispensary nearby. Eventually, my husband actually got a part time job as a budtender over there.

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