There was so much to be learned before I worked in a medical marijuana dispensary.

When I heard they were opening a medical marijuana dispensary in our area, I knew I wanted to go there. They were advertising for applicants and I knew it was my only opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new and interesting business. I went into the dispensary on the day they were taking applications, hoping there wouldn’t be many people there. My hopes were dashed when I walked in to find standing room only. Once I filled in the application, I was surprised when they asked me to stick around. The manager was to be in the office within the hour, and they wanted him to talk to me. At least half of us were held over to talk to the manager of the new medical marijuana dispensary. Before the manager arrived, nearly half of those in the building had already walked out. I was the last person to be interviewed and I had to admit I was hungry. I ordered a hamburger from Door Dash and asked if anyone else wanted one? I laughed and said I must be hungry from the smell of marijuana which had eyes rolling. It was a bit daunting when I was told about the classes I had to take if I wanted to be a budtender. I learned that I had to know the laws for our state and all the states that surrounded us. I never knew I had to know all of the stuff they talked about, but I wanted to be a budtender at the medical marijuana dispensary. I was willing to do whatever it took.

medical marijuana dispensary