There’s all types of edibles

Most everyone is somewhat familiar with weed brownies and cannabis-infused gummies.

While these are still popular edibles sold at nearly every dispensary, the market has expanded a great deal.

Today’s edibles are available in all different styles, flavors and potencies. There are milk, white and dark chocolate bars with super high THC percentages. There are CBD cookies, rice krispie treats and mints. With more and more people shopping cannabis-infused edibles, new items are emerging all the time. Hard candies, peanut butter cups, cooking oils, marinara sauce and granola are just a sample. Dispensaries are now offering cannabis-infused ice cream and popcorn. Beverages are one of the latest trends. It’s taken some experimentation to perfect the texture of cannabis-infused drinks. People are finding the various mocktails preferable to conventional alcohol. They can enjoy psychoactive effects without the hangover in the morning and long-term health risks. One of the perks of edibles is the convenience. They don’t require any additional gear or skills. You don’t need rolling papers, a lighter or any ashtray. There is no smoke, ash or smells produced. They are typically quite portable, and a little goes a long way. For the beginner, it’s a good idea to remember that edibles result in a delayed effect. With edibles, the cannabinoids need to enter the digestive system before making their way to the brain. Oral ingestion of THC can take 30 to 90 minutes for effects to be felt. The effects usually reach their peak in two to three hours. It’s recommended to start with the minimum dose and wait several hours before consuming more.

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