Those were the last two nights I spent without medical marijuana

I started using marijuana a couple of years ago.

At first I was using marijuana and frequently.

I would smoke when I hung out with my friends or when we went to the club. When a friend of mine and I started hanging out more regularly, I found myself using marijuana products every single evening. I had been using marijuana regularly for several weeks and then I went on vacation with my girlfriend. We were only gone for two days, but I couldn’t take marijuana on the airplane and we did not go somewhere with legal marijuana laws. During the two days that I was unable to use marijuana products, I felt terrible. I had a headache and I was anxious and nervous. I argued with my girlfriend the whole time we were away and we were at her brother’s wedding. I picked a fight with one of her friend’s boyfriend’s and I yelled at the waiter at the wedding reception. The entire night was a huge fiasco. My girlfriend broke up with me even after I tried to get her to understand the problem. I thought that medical marijuana was hoping with all of my social anxiety problems and I needed to use it more regularly. My girlfriend said I was having withdrawals and that was no excuse to be a dick. Then she packed up three laundry bags of stuff into her car and left the apartment we shared. That was the last time I ever spent a day without medical marijuana. I honestly don’t like the way that I feel without it, especially in large social gatherings and situations.
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