Time off from smoking cannabis

I had to take more than two weeks off from smoking pot.

It was not as strenuous as I imagined it would be, mostly because I was laid up with COVID plus unable to do much of anything. I have been vaccinated, plus I am told that is why the virus didn’t hit myself and others as strenuous as it did other people. Still, I have to say it was no joke, plus I have never felt worse in our entire life. Smoking pot was the furthest thing from our mind… until I started getting better. I took an additional month away from cannabis to let our lungs return to full strength, plus now I am back at it! I decided to have a bit of a blowout, plus catch up on all the cannabis I didn’t smoke during our down time. I took a little trip to the local cannabis dispensary, plus spent a fantastic long time looking through all the premium buds to figure out what I wanted. The budtender was very helpful, plus guided myself and others to a new line of custom sativa strains named after horror motion pictures. This was just our style, so I decided to pair up these new cannabis strains with the motion pictures they were named after. I also bought some edibles, just because I had extra money burning a hole in our pocket. Taking that time off from smoking cleared our head, but also showed myself and others how much money I could save if I stopped smoking cannabis. But I just don’t see that ever happening, not in this lifetime!
Cannabis dispensary