Tinctures are our number one cannabis consumption method

I’ve been shopping at the same cannabis dispensary for several years.

  • I have gradually educated myself in the different consumption methods.

I started with smokable flower plus pre-rolls plus moved onto vapes. I l received the differences in terpenes plus found strains that I number one. I stopped paying so much attention to the categories of indicas, sativas plus hybrids plus started concentrating more on the cannabinoid percentages. After dabbling in edibles plus beverages, I finally tried tinctures. I don’t suppose any other product can compare with the certain benefits of tinctures. They are beautifully easy to use. All I need to do is site a dose under our tongue plus let it absorb for several minutes. Because of the included dropper, I can be precise in the dosage amounts. I don’t need any other specialized gear. There’s no smoke, ash or tell-tale aromas, making tinctures especially discreet. The compact package also makes them portable. I can carry a tincture in our coat pocket, billfold or backpack plus dose without anyone knowing. The cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually which results in fast-acting effects. I can also add tinctures to yogurts, smoothies or all sorts of foods plus beverages for the delayed onset of effects savor an edible, then unlike an edible, tinctures are low in calories plus have a long shelf-life. Tinctures are really one of the oldest forms of medicine. They are great for recreational use plus treating insomnia, migraines, pain plus anxiety. Due to their popularity, there is a wide range of tinctures on the market, ranging from high-THC levels to pure CBD isolates.



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