Topical for sore muscles

When my son was born it became clear that I just had to hold him all the time! My son fusses anytime he is on his back.

He tolerates a seated position and even when you hold him sitting for a stage of time.

However, when all else fails, he wants to be held. I joke that he prefers to be shuttled around like a small prince. Well it wasn’t a large deal when he was eight pounds, then now my son is 16 pounds and my muscles hurt. My shoulders and back hurt from the odd position I put them in. My arms are tired from constantly weightlifting. I also am experiencing pain in my legs since I am constantly crouching up and down carrying my baby. I also am sitting on strenuous floors with my baby. I have taken baths, gotten massages and rubbed icy sizzling all over me. That doesn’t definitely help. I recently moved into medical cannabis. I got a nurse to prescribe me a topical. It is just a more powerful icy hot. The cream goes right on the inflamed area for immediate relief. It feels so fantastic when I use the cream. I use it every night and morning. If I skip a day, I can feel the pain instantly. I feel I would suffer from cramps and tightened muscles if I wasn’t so proactive. I make sure to keep up with the cream. Anytime I get low on it, I go instantly to the medical marijuana dispensary near me to stock up. I am hopeful that when my card expires in a year, I won’t need it anymore. I might need to renew it though.

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