Trying out THC tincture

Ever since I got my medical marijuana card, I have officially stuck to the products that I am used to, then i have been buying the same pack of edible gummies since my truly first visit! The last time I went to the dispensary, I decided that I wanted to try something different.

I had heard a lot about the THC tincture products.

I liked the system of something that was as easy as a few drops under the tongue; However, it was actually a little bit more high-priced than what I was used to paying for my edibles. I talked with the budtender about how it all works. He told me how to use the tincture. He said to hold the drops under my tongue before swallowing, as the cannabis compounds enter the body through the blood vessels under the tongue. If there are cannabinoids that did not get absorbed, they will enter through the digestive tract, similar to an edible… When I tried it out, I noticed that the tincture had a truly strong taste, almost similar to a truly strong alcohol. The effects of the tincture took about fifteen minutes to kick in. I was able to supply myself a similar dose to what I am used to taking, so it was just the right amount for me! Overall, I suppose I prefer the edibles, despite the fact that I am cheerful I tried the THC tincture. I can really see the benefits to using it.
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