Trying to make life easier for my sibling

My brother can genuinely grab the weed and doesn’t require anyone else to help

My brother recently got into a car crash as well as is basically bedridden. He needs someone to take care of him basically 24/7. My brother needs help walking to the bathroom, showering as well as feeding himself. I feel so awful for our brother. There are also pressing things like running errands as well as cleaning his house. I know our brother is trying to rely on other people as little as possible. He also hates people picking up things for him. I got the groceries on an automatic delivery service. So every week my brother gets items sent to his doorstep. All it requires of me is to unload them one day a week. I know our brother feels better about that. His pills are now shipping via mail as well as he can open them on his own. That is another thing he is blissful about. My brother is smoking cannabis oil for chronic pain. At first I was going to the legal weed dispensary, showing his medical weed card as well as would have to get our brother on the phone to confirm I am picking up for him. It was a mess as well as time consuming. Now our brother has an online account as well as gets marijuana delivery. He gets his cannabis oil delivered in bulk once a month. My brother has the driver genuinely deliver it to a box that is mounted outside his window. My brother can genuinely grab the weed and doesn’t require anyone else to help. He can vape right from his bed too. It is nice that all of us can get some things sorted out for him.


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