Turning a profit with cannabis

There are a lot of factors to running a business, but chief among them is the rule of keeping your overhead low.

Overhead is a term that describes all the official ongoing costs to keep your corporation open.

Things like rent, monthly bills, purchasing new inventory, and paying your employees are all “overhead.” Periodically a corporation can make a nice profit on their sales, yet still lose money because the overhead is too high. This is the reason that cannabis dispensaries have to charge so much money for their products, because they have silly overhead costs. On the other hand I am a one-man show, who packages, sells, and delivers cannabis with no overhead at all. The only reason I can make a living selling cannabis when there are various local, legal dispensaries, is because of the overhead. The cannabis dispensary may have superior products and better variety, but they cannot touch my prices. I make a big profit on all the weed I sell, and still charge half the price of the cannabis dispensary. There will consistently be a market for cannabis, especially when the retail prices are so high in the shops. I understand why that is, because a cannabis dispensary has to pay rent, utilities, insurance, and a whole staff of workers. This gives me task security, because most of my customers simply can’t afford the high prices at the cannabis dispensary, so I am their only source of weed. I spend 50 to 60 hours a week processing and selling my cannabis, although I am making excellent money and have no plans to stop.

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