Two pressing keys to holistic health are weed and yoga

Someone questioned me “why do they offer yoga classes at the weed store?” And I had to get to reading them the riot act, because why wouldn’t you actually wish to do yoga at a weed store? All the appealing smells that fill up the place are wonderful. Honestly, who would want to do yoga anywhere else? The person was most definitely not the style of person who would take holistic health seriously in the least. I get that extremely often in my line of work, because some people still have the impression that yoga, and cannabis are merely “hippie crap” holding over from a previous generation! To me weed is totally a keystone of holistic health, and is necessary in my routine as my yoga and my diet. The weed store offering yoga classes feels essentially like the most wonderful decision in the world, because both things are necessary elements of a health regimen. My weed store opened a lovely yoga studio after buying the storefront next door and knocking down a wall! Now I can get my typical workout and my recreational weed at the same place, which is genuinely convenient for busy people. Whenever possible I care about going to the weed store a short while before yoga class, so I can smoke some cannabis in the smokers lounge before beginning my yoga sessions. My teacher is a major advocate of CBD products, despite the fact that I followed her recommendation and didn’t absolutely care about the results… For me cannabis is the finest tool for holistic health, and CBD products just do not make the grade whatsoever. Does your weed store offer yoga classes by any chance?
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