Using cannabis flower products

If you walk into a medical marijuana dispensary, you will see a wide variety of products.

There are cannabis products in the form of candy, gummies, and even drinks.

There are tinctures, salves, vapes, and more. It can be overwhelming to know what to try. While there are so many variations of ways to consume THC, the most classic way to consume THC is through the use of cannabis flower products. When it comes to flower products, there are still several ways you can consume them. For example, you may buy pre-rolled joints at the dispensary, or take the flower home and pack it into a bowl or pipe. The benefits of smoking cannabis flower is that there are always an abundance of strains available at the dispensary, meaning that there is usually one that everyone can enjoy. When you have an edible, you don’t get as much of a say in the specific strain of THC you are getting. Flower products are also more affordable than other cannabis products. Additionally, smoking is a fast way to allow the cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream, so you feel the effects almost immediately. Other products take time to kick in. The downsides to smoking flower products are that the high is more short-lived than some other cannabis products. There is also less precision in dosing how much you consume, so it’s possible to over consume.

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